~ Dream Mumbai: An iPhone Photo Journal ~

Most of you already know I’ve moved to India on a Fulbright Scholarship. Before I left people kept on saying two things: you must keep a journal and please blog more often. I cringed every time I heard the words because I’m not the type to keep a diary or to write consistent blog posts. I have however found a new obsession that may indeed make me journal and blog. Since arriving to Mumbai, I have gotten in the habit of taking long walks, sometimes well over 4 hours. It’s an easy way to observe, exercise, learn the roads and feel like you are part of masses. I take my iphone with me and make images along the way. It keeps me focused and keeps me working on composition, lighting and moment at all times. But best of all it’s a visual diary of my experience…pixel memories in a way. After posting images for three weeks on facebook, I got loads of positive responses, so a side project has begun. Another obsessive compulsion to add to the list. I’m working on a new blog site, but until then I wanted to share some of my favorite considered snaps.


Women's Train Compartment

One of Two Rileys Left in India

Dadar Shop Window

Street Shopping, Linking Road

Christmas in Pune

Zoroastrian Agiary, Pune

Parsi Wedding Stage, Zoroastrian Agiary, Pune

Family Pictures at Zoroastrian Wedding, Pune

Moham Festivities, Pune.

Bus from Pune to Mumbai.

Drying Bumla, Bandra.

Carter Road. Bandra.

Chicken Shopping, Bandra.

Mount Mary Church, Bandra.


Typical Traffic, Bandra.

Airport Scene, Mumbai.

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