~ Facing Fears: Posing for Vogue ~

When Vogue India asked me to be in there January Shape Issue my immediate reaction was “No Way. I stay behind the camera!” The thought of making myself that vulnerable sent a wave of terror through my bones. Then I began to think of all the people I have ever photographed; of all the people I’ve asked to let themselves go in front of me and my camera. The coal miners in Ohio. The Hindu priest in Varanasi. The young father in Missouri. The gracious Parsi Zoroastrians in India. And so many more. They didn’t say no, in fact they let me into their lives, for no reason at all.

So, I said yes, to something I never thought I’d do: be photographed and speak about my relationship with my body. Skydiving was easier. But the opportunity to share what I’ve learned about myself throughout the years was an incredible experience.

My New Year’s resolution: no hesitation. Tackle fears full on. Focus on the good things. Let go of what is out of my control. Be grateful for every spirit that enters my life. And thanks to all that have posed for my camera and lived their lives in front of me…now I know how it feels.

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