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~ On Assignment: Family Matters: The Money Squeeze ~

To cope with the hard times, millions of families have pulled together — stacking two, three, even four generations on top of one another. NPR’s Morning Edition has begun an eight-part series titled “Family Matters” which explores the lives of three multigenerational households struggling with issues of money, duty and love. I’ve had the pleasure […]
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On Assignment: Sharmistha Ray for Vogue, India

One of my last assignments in India was for Vogue India: a portrait of artist, critic and curator, Sharmistha Ray. My last few weeks in Mumbai were a blur, from packing to planning to saying goodbye – not only to my good friends but to my beloved Bombay. And what does the city do in […]
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~ Pallavi Sharda: Actress & Dancer ~

I had a photo session with the lovely and talented Indian-Austrailian film/theater actress and dancer Pallavi Sharda. She is an amazing young lady. Along with her dance and acting talents she has a degree in Law and was crowned Miss India Australia in March 2010. You can see her in Walkaway (2010) Dus Tola (2010) and […]
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~ Helter Skelter Interview: Through Her Eyes ~

Helter Skelter, a popular online magazine in India, featured an interview with me in their most recent issue. Check it out.
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~ Traveling along the GT Road for NPR ~

For the past two weeks I have been traveling with NPR reporter Phil Reeves and producer Nishant Dahiya along India’s Grand Trunk Road. We have been blogging and filing images along the way. Here is our last post before the project launches later this month.
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~ Pit Stop: A Maharaja's Parlour ~

On a recent trip through the rural villages of Gujarat, we made a short pit stop at the palace of the Maharaja of Vansda. He was out. But we were kindly invited in to look around. The palace was expansive and imposing but could hardly hide the blemishes of decades gone by. We were taken […]
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~ Inter-racial Portraits Beta ~

This short term doc project is something I have had in my head for almost four years now. I took this image in September 2003. These are the Kyzogi Twins, Matt and Steven. Their mother is Caucasian American and their father is Japanese. When I first saw them my mouth dropped. They have gorgeous red […]
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~ Short Term Doc Proposal ~

Question: How do facial features of inter-racial parents, who self-identify as one race, manifest in their children? Are dominant facial features always expressed? Genre: I will be working within the Visual Anthropology genre. Visual anthropology examines how aspects of culture can be pictorially or visually interpreted and expressed, and how images can be understood as […]
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~ Define documentary photography ~

“No moment is most important. Any moment can be something.” –Garry Winogrand For me, documentary photography has always been about conveying the spirit of the times through the human condition. Historical projects such as the FSA come to mind as do photographers like W. Eugene Smith, Margaret Bourke-White and Dorothea Lange. The power of this […]
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